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Youth Enrichment / Music -
Community Education 2022-2023

Private piano lessons are offered to children and adults. Lessons are offered on a weekly basis for 30 minutes and are available for beginners as well as those who have piano experience. Minimum age requirements for enrolling in piano lessons will be determined by each instructor. Multiple qualified instructors will be teaching piano for the Community Education program. Piano lessons take place in the after school hours. Class times and locations will be assigned individually. Please note that your registration does not confirm your enrollment in the piano class. You will be contacted once assigned to an available class or placed on a waiting list if no class is available. Prices may vary by instructor.  

In Introduction to College Prep Piano, the student receives a weekly 30-minute piano lesson that is tailored to their individual learning style. Lessons are focused on theory, technique, sight-reading, aural-training, and a variety of musical styles appropriate for beginners to advanced students of any age. Students are responsible for purchasing lesson books as assigned and should have access to a piano for daily practice.



Kailey Bradley

Piano Instructor

Kailey Bradley, Introduction to College Prep Piano Instructor, has a Bachelor of Science degree in Music Education and 22 years of experience teaching piano lessons. Ms. Bradley has studied piano pedagogy under the concert pianist Daniel Nagy. She is proficient in both classical and modern styles of playing the piano and in arranging compositions.

PIA2022/23 Private Classes

  Myong Namias

Full - waiting list

Feb 1, 2023 $77.00
Mar 1, 2023 $77.00
Apr 1, 2023 $77.00
Total $616.00
PIA2022/23 Private College Prep Classes

  Kailey Bradley

Full - waiting list

Feb 1, 2023 $107.00
Mar 1, 2023 $107.00
Apr 1, 2023 $107.00
Total $963.00